Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The use of this site and the registration of an order through it is considered to be in accordance with the terms and conditions. If you DO NOT accept these terms, please do not use this web site! ET Elektroteh 91 reserves the right to change the terms at any time, without prior notice, the modified terms being published on the site.

Copyrights and restrictions related to them

   Without the explicit consent of ET Elektroteh 91, it is not allowed to change the materials on this site in any way, publicly distributed or distributed for any public or commercial purpose.

Rights and obligations of the parties

    The Merchant is obliged to deliver the goods in good time intact and to transfer the ownership of the Goods.
    The Merchant has the right to send unsolicited pre-commercial messages to the registered users of the Web site to inquire, conduct inquiries, or offer ads and information to their own or other merchandise and services.
    The user is required to take all care to protect his / her password, not to provide his / her username and password, and in the event of unauthorized access to his / her account or the probability of such access, immediately notify the Merchant. In view of the security of the User Name and Password, always leave the Web site on the exit button. Also, do not submit fictitious or invalid queries, specify an exact shipping address, correspondence e-mail address, and a contact telephone number, and upon a valid order to pay the price of the goods requested, as well as the cost of delivery, if required under the conditions and in the manner specified in these General Terms and Conditions. All liability for any consequential damages due to violations of the previous obligations of the User is entirely at the expense of the User and he can not make any claims with respect to the Merchant.
    The User has the right to receive information from the Merchant regarding the order and manner of claims for each of the merchandise offered by the Merchant, and the Merchant is obliged to assist him / her in all cases of complaints under current legislation and established good practices in trade.
    The user is also required not to interfere with the proper operation of the online store system, not to take actions that lead to the blocking and denial of the services on the website, and also to not obstruct the identification of other Users of the store or the right them to use the store.
    If the Web Site User does not comply with the above obligations, the Web Site is entitled without prior notice to terminate his or her access to the User Profile and also claim damages and damages as a result of the User's unlawful actions, as well as to notify the competent authorities if it considers that these actions and acts constitute an offense and / or a crime.

Registering Users

    The user can buy online goods from the store without registration. When completing the registration form, the user is required to provide full and accurate data about his / her identity and other data required by the web site format. The user declares and states that the data he provides during the registration process is true and complete. If the User provides untrue data, the trader has the right to stop immediately and without prior notice the registration of the respective User. If the breach creates doubts in the Merchant regarding the nature and purpose it pursues, the Merchant shall inform the competent authorities, in addition to the measures referred to in the preceding sentence.

How to make a purchase

   The user has the opportunity to purchase the goods offered by the website without being registered. Ordering a particular good is a statement of intent that binds with the force of a contract the User and the Merchant expressly. In the case of an incomplete, incorrect or wrong address or telephone number on the part of the User upon filing the application, it is considered to be invalid and no liability arises for the Merchant's performance. The request takes effect between the parties after checking the availability of the goods ordered for purchase and after the Merchant contacts via e-mail or by telephone with the User.

Terms of Purchase

  The cost of the product does not include delivery costs, which are charged additionally by the courier company and are paid by the consumer.

   All prices in the e-shop are final and are valid for the day of the order. All product prices are in BGN per 1 issue. All products ordered through the site, which are available at the time of purchase, will be delivered within two to five business days from the date of the order. The delivery is done at the address you specified by courier. After you make a purchase at the e-shop, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details in the e-shop.