Delivery Information

How to make a purchase

   The user has the opportunity to purchase the goods offered by the website without being registered. Ordering a particular good is a statement of intent that binds with the force of a contract the User and the Merchant expressly. In the case of an incomplete, incorrect or wrong address or telephone number on the part of the User upon filing the application, it is considered to be invalid and no liability arises for the Merchant's performance. The request takes effect between the parties after checking the availability of the goods ordered for purchase and after the Merchant contacts via e-mail or by telephone with the User.

Terms of Purchase

  The cost of the product does not include delivery costs, which are charged additionally by the courier company and are paid by the consumer.

   All prices in the e-shop are final and are valid for the day of the order. All product prices are in BGN per 1 issue. All products ordered through the site, which are available at the time of purchase, will be delivered within two to five business days from the date of the order. The delivery is done at the address you specified by courier. After you make a purchase at the e-shop, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of your order.

Assembly of purchased parts should be carried out by a qualified technician and it is unacceptable to use the same for defecting the appliance.


Terms of Delivery

   The delivery is made by a courier company hired by the Merchant, to the respective office of the courier company or to an address specified by the consumer. The user is obliged to provide access to the address and contact person to accept and pay the ordered products. Delivery to an office of a courier company is at a lower cost. For the exact delivery value, you can get information at

Payment methods

  Payment on delivery (cash on delivery): upon receipt of the goods you pay the amount due to the courier.

  Payment by bank transfer: The customer pays only the value of the products, according to the confirmed order, to the bank account of "Elektroteh 91 - Marin Marinov" Ltd. The price of the delivery is paid separately at the delivery itself.

  The cost of the product does not include delivery costs, which are charged additionally by the courier company and are paid by the consumer.

Return of goods

    Any user may surrender ordered goods on the basis of Art. 50 under the conditions of Art. 54 (3) and Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. This right is realized in case the goods are not used, in full is also with unchanged appearance. In the event that the consumer realizes his / her own right, he / she is obliged to send a request for refusal to Elektroteh 91 - Marin Marinov ET at e-mail address:, to indicate a bank account on which to pay the paid of the price and return the goods to the above mentioned type. Elektroteh 91 - Marin Marinov ET undertakes to return the value of the rejected product within 14 days from the date of returning the goods.